What Works Studio has a track record of successfully transforming brands, fueling fundraising efforts, and launching large-scale initiatives that drive substantial ROI, economic impact, and international attention.

We’re the folks who created America’s first large-scale light festival, Light City, which to date has generated $78.1 Million in economic impact for Baltimore City.

What Works Studio also created the internet celebrity, Mr. Trash Wheel, that is now an international icon for ocean conservancy and has become popular around the world. Before that, we helped raise $5.9 million in a single day for nonprofits on #GivingTuesday. Together with the client, we birthed a movement that was replicated in over 70 cities the following year and is featured in a permanent exhibition in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. We’ve collaborated on a number of other remarkable projects that continue to create significant impact for our clients.


What Works Studio is led by Brooke Hall and Justin Allen. We’re partners for life. We live together, raise our kids together and collaborate with each other on remarkable projects that uplift those around us. We’ve cultivated a roster of talent and strategic partners that collaborate with us to provide world-class creative and event production services.


What Works Studio is a company that is built on relationships, excellence, and outside-of-the-box thinking. We aim to embody honesty, courage, originality, wit, and adaptability.


We work to bring people together, inspire collaboration, and create meaningful impact.

"What Works Studio demonstrates that extraordinary change and growth often start with the dedication of just a few committed individuals."