Strategic Marketing and Communications

What Works Studio is an award-winning agency that develops effective strategies and remarkable marketing assets in order to engage audiences, create awareness, and drive revenue. 

We are a team with a proven track record of creating unique, tailored solutions that create far-reaching impact and ROI for our clients and collaborators. In seven years What Works Studio projects and campaigns have driven billions of impressions for clients and their initiatives globally while creating over $100m in economic impact locally.

We seek to work with organizations that are aligned with our values and measure success through a holistic lens that takes into account the overall impact our projects have for our clients and the world at large. 


Research, forecasting, messaging, communication audits, marketing plans, consulting.


Brand development, brand management, logo design, value proposition, positioning, vision, mission, voice.


Websites, campaigns, print, photography, video, social media, email, copywriting.


Experiential marketing, event design and production, creative direction, curation.

We create powerful brand experiences
solutions with measurable outcomes.

Light City Baltimore - What Works Studio